Vietnamese foods

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Steamed Dungeness crab

Steamed Dungeness crab


– Dungeness crab : 2

– Beer : 2 cup

– Ginger : 3 slice

– Lemon lime, salt, pepper

Start :

– Use sauce pan. Turn the heat on ( high heat ). Put Dungeness crab to that pan, add 2 cup of beer and ginger, put a lit, reduce heat to medium heat. Cook for 12 minutes then turn the heat off, carefully pour all the water come out, put the lid back and wait for 2 minutes. Done !

– Mix salt, pepper and lemon lime to make a paste.

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Steamed shrimp

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Coming home and there is nothing to eat. Burger, frozen foods ? ………. No.

I was thinking seafood which is ready to be served right in my kitchen.

Ingredients :

– Frozen shrimp : raw or steamed ( 10)

– An egg ( or not )

– Oyster sauce – or you can try salt and pepper

– Ginger, red chilly : sliced

Start :

– Soaking shrimp into cold water 3 – 4 times, let it stand for 10 minutes on paper towel.

– Place shrimp into a bowl, sprinkle salt and pepper, add ginger , red chilly, insert steaming basket and start steaming. OR

Place shrimp into a bowl, add oyster sauce, an egg in the middle, ginger, red chilly and put them into a steaming pot for 7 minutes.

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Raw Oyster

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You love oyster, one day you walk in to a restaurant and order a dozen —– cha-ching, oh my God, It’s very expensive.

If you are living in Maryland, Canada or California or anywhere that you can find raw oyster in a market …. let’s buy some raw and please your tummy ^_^

I’ll show you a very special style eating oyster with hot, sour and so dawn tasty.

Ingredients :

– Raw oyster

– Fish sauce

– Lemon lime

– Chilly sauce

– Red chilly pepper, a piece of ginger, a clove of garlic

– Sugar

Start :

– Sauce : Add  2 tablespoon of fish sauce, 2 tablespoon of warm water, 2 tablespoon of sugar and mix together.

Chopping ginger, garlic and red chilly pepper until very small piece then mix if with fish sauce.

– Rinse raw oyster under water

– Use a non sharp knife to open them

– Add half teaspoon lemon lime to each one of them.

– Add half teaspoon sauce to each oyster and ………..try, you gonna love it !

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