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How to make Hong Kong egg tarts – Dan tat

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I copy this egg filling recipe from Vietnamese‘s website ( please follow this link ) but the crust looks thick, I don’t want it too doughy so I try another recipe from a Chinese girl – Loveegateau. Please follow this link

So this is the complete recipe I copied :

Ingredients : **

**This recipe was copied from loveegateau

Yields about 10 standard egg tarts
-water dough-
flour 75g
egg yolk 20g
cold water 30g

-butter dough-
flour 75g
cold butter 100g

Egg White Filling
3 Large eggs
200g milk

Simple Syrup
80g sugar
60g water

Microwave it and stir until sugar dissolves.

I made extra egg filling with egg white and egg yolk, it was really good too.

Egg filling :

– Milk : 230 ml

– 3 large eggs

– 1/8 teaspoon of salt

Pure vanilla extract

Start :

+ Dough :

– Oil dough : Mix butter and four by food processor then wrap it by nylon food wrap.

– Water dough : Mix all ingredients and stir, I have to add a little bit more flour to roll the dough easier.

– Fold and wrap – Wrap and fold

Roll water dough to form a diamond shape then put oil dough in a middle and wrap it up. refrigerator for 10 minutes

Roll the dough and fold, refrigerator again ………4 times

+ Filling :

– Egg white or egg filling :

Mix all ingredient then strain the mixture through a fine chinois to remove any lumps 

Start baking at 400 degree F for 20 minutes


How o make Steamed buns ( The dough )

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– All purpose white flour : 2 cups  + 1 cup

– White sugar : 1/4 cup

– Milk or water : 1 cup

– Baking powder : 3 teaspoon

–  Corn Starch: 1 tablespoon

– Shortening : 2 tablespoon

– High active dry yeast : 1 pack – 7 gram

– Vinegar

Start :

– Warm up 1 cup of milk : Microwave for 50 seconds

– Add 1/4 cup white sugar and yeast, stir then wrap it up and put in to the microwave ( that is the perfect place for yeast ‘s activation – warm and moist. Please don’t turn the microwave on).  After 20 minutes….

– Put 2 cups of flour to a large bowl, add corn starch and baking powder then mixed it. Add yeast to the bowl and mixed it . I would have to mixed it for 5 minutes and add 2 table spoon of shortening. Knead the dough for another 20 minutes.

– If  it too wet => just add flour

–  If it too dry => just add cold water

– After that put the dough in a large bowl, wrap it up and put it in the microwave to rise for 3 hours.

Tips :

– The dough needs 3 hours to rise.

– Just add very little flour when you roll the dough.

– Add 2 table spoon vinegar to the steamer, add water and steam the buns for 15 minutes to make the buns white and tasty.

– I use original white paper cut in to smaller square, put each bun on that paper and steam.

– How to fold the buns , please check this link

– How to make filling , please check this link


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